Photo by Municipality of Pembina

The small town of Manitou Manitoba can be found in the Pembina Valley nestled along Highway #3 between Morden, and La Riviere. If you are visiting any one of those places you should also pay a visit to Manitou Manitoba.

My first visit to Manitou Manitoba was about a decade ago when I stopped for gas and lost my wife. It’s normally me who wonders off so this was unusual. A quick scan of the area revealed what appeared to be a log cabin as the most logical place I would find her. There she was checking out the tourist info found inside. A cool introduction to a local gem of a town.

Manitou is a small town with some really great attractions to stop in and see. Much more than a gas stop, that is certain. Manitou is home to the Nellie McClung Heritage Site (currently closed for restoration), the Manitou Opera House, and the really fun Fire Hydrant Tour. There are 37 cartoon painted fire hydrants to be found in Manitou which is a fun activity for kids (big and small) to do when you stop in and take a break.

If that is not enough reason to spend some time in Manitou Manitoba then you can also check out their other activities like a state of the art swimming pool, multi-purpose arena, and 9-hole golf course (you carry clubs in your saddlebags, right?) to keep you busy.

Manitou is home to the Manitou Cenotaph / War Memorial, erected in commemoration of soldiers from the local area killed during military service. This is a municipally designated historic site. Make sure you stop by, pay your respects, and don’t forget to grab your Manitoba by Motorcycle photo.

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