A question came in asking for a Manitoba motorcycle route to get from Brandon Manitoba to Teulon Manitoba for a couple of riders. The riders had a route already planned for day 1 that would see them riding from Teulon to Brandon via The Narrows and they wanted an alternate route home. They needed it quickly too.

I knew the route they already rode, where they were starting from, where they were ending, and that they did not want any gravel roads. I was assuming they wanted a more scenic route, otherwise, they would have used Google Maps.

What I did not know was how long of a ride they wanted, if they wanted to see anything specific or if they wanted to stop for anything other than gas. Since they needed a route ASAP I decided against asking questions and to quickly put together a few different routes. Then recommend that they review and choose one or modify a route to better suit their specific needs and riding style.

I plotted a course along four different routes covering much of southern Manitoba that had routes varying from 350km to 650km (215 miles to 400 miles). Each route was set up to pass through as many great locations as possible. Three of the routes shared the last one-third of the route but had very different routes to start with. The fourth route was completely unique but it shared some of the first day’s route, backtracking the last one-quarter of the ride, so it would not be a completely new route for them.

The route I would have taken myself, had it been me doing the ride, is below. There are, of course, dozens of other options for routes and stops. This is just one possible option.

650km Ride from Brandon Manitoba to Teulon Manitoba

  • Leaving Brandon, head south on #10 then turn West on #2 to head into Souris.
  • Stay on #2 until you get to #21 and continue through Hartney until you get to #345 then turn right to head west on #345 to #83 South.
  • Take #83 into Melita. Exit Melita via #3 East. Turn Left onto #3 east and stay on #3 until you get between Morden and Winkler.
  • Turn left to keep on #3 North. Keep going north until you get to Elm Creek, then turn left on # 2 and head to St. Claude.
  • In St. Claude, at the gas station/restaurant, turn right onto #240 headed to Portage la Prairie. #240 south is pretty rough but going north it is decent.
  • When you get to Portage you can either go into Portage or take #1 East around it.
  • Head north from Portage onto #26 East until you get to St. Francis Xavier where you will turn back onto #1 east toward Winnipeg.
  • Take the perimeter north until you get to highway #6, turn left then immediately turn right at the very next intersection to go North on #236.
  • Keep going north through Stonewall until you get to Balmoral and the end of the pavement, then turn east on to 236 and take it to #7 where you head north up to Teulon.
  • Your destination will be on the right. 😀

There are plenty of great places to stop and visit along this route (food, gas, scenery, etc.) and it is a good way to spend a day behind bars.  Route Map

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