Feel That Warm(ish) Spring Air!

Spring is an incredible time of year. Everything feels fresh and new, the sun is shining and you can finally break your bike out of hibernation for some much-needed ride time after many frigid months. Ride safe though, it is still early and there are lots of “unfriendlies” still lurking about (sand, ice, bad roads, etc.).

Speaking of Fresh and New

I may have parked the bike for the winter (and taken it apart) but I certainly have not been hibernating. Manitoba by Motorcycle has grown massively for the 2021 riding season with brand new tourism partnerships that introduce three new challenges to complete and earn patches for. These new challenges add a LOT of new locations to travel to and explore giving riders a much more in-depth local motorcycle tourism experience.

MB by MC 2021 Poster

Central Manitoba by Motorcycle

Explore Central Manitoba’s distinctive fairs & festivals, unique attractions, spectacular food, preserved heritage, and parks. Central Manitoba has countless activities for you and your family. Central Manitoba Tourism has put together a list of the top places they recommend riders visit in the Central Manitoba region and have a custom patch made to reward those riders. Check out the full details of the Central Manitoba by Motorcycle Challenge.

Eastman Manitoba by Motorcycle

Pack a bag, fuel up your motorcycle, and hit the road to one of our friendly Manitoba communities. Discover our back-road villages and towns and explore somewhere that you have not been before. Eastman Tourism has put together their list of the greatest places for motorcycle riders to visit in Eastern Manitoba to earn a custom patch. Check out the full details of the Eastman Manitoba by Motorcycle Challenge.

Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle

A place of sandy beaches, Trails you can hike and hardly meet a soul. Nature, wide-open skies, starry nights Bird and wild animal sounds abound. Steep Cliffs – find the fossils embedded within. Watch Northern lights brightening the skies. Interlake Tourism is putting together a list of the greatest places for motorcycle riders to visit in Manitoba’s Interlake region to earn a custom patch. Check out the full details of the Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle Challenge.


Last year I partnered with the incredible team over at EatSleepRide to offer Manitoba by Motorcycle as a challenge via their mobile app. We had a great response from riders using the app and we have partnered with them again for the 2021 riding season. The ESR app is available on Apple and Android and is consistently updated to offer riders better and better experiences. The 2021 Manitoba by Motorcycle challenge is not yet live but I highly recommend getting the app now (if you don’t already have it). Please note: The ESR edition of Manitoba by Motorcycle does not include the 3 other challenges as those are their own unique challenges.

With all these new challenges I am confident the 2021 riding reason will be pretty awesome and there is certainly no shortage of great places to visit or things to do so please, get out on your motorcycle and explore. Show all of Manitoba some motorcycle love. Don’t forget to hit up the various tourism websites and follow them on social media, they have some really great Manitoba content tailored to their regions.

PS: I have had a number of requests to sell decals/stickers and to add the option of buying a patch. I have enabled this for 2021 and anyone interested can get them here.

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