Manitoba by Motorcycle is a tourism initiative designed to promote local motorcycle tourism. Created to highlight all the incredible places to visit in Manitoba. creative art installations, expansive parks, historic monuments, and all kinds of local attractions. There are multiple local tourism challenges to complete, each with its own requirements and reward.

The Basics

To complete a challenge and earn the Manitoba by Motorcycle patch for that challenge you need to take a selfie of yourself holding up the current year’s poster at select locations. Each challenge has its own set of locations and minimum amount of selfies required to earn the patch. Full details on locations are listed on each challenge page.

You must verify your accomplishment by printing out the current poster and take a selfie of you holding it up at each location. Respect the area, the property, and only ride within your comfort level. Leave no trace of your visit except a cool photo

Completing the Challenge

Once you have taken enough selfies to meet the minimum requirements for a challenge you need to collect those selfies and submit them to Manitoba by Motorcycle. Fill out the submission form, indicating all the locations you visited, your mailing address, and upload all the required photos. Submissions will be reviewed and your patch will be sent to you. Patches may take several weeks to arrive.

EatSleepRide (ESR)

Manitoba by Motorcycle has partnered with EatSleepRide (ESR) to offer a fully digital experience. Riders can install the free ESR app and join the Manitoba by Motorcycle Challenge, then get out and ride. Keep the ESR app running while you ride to each location and the app will automatically award you points for each location you visit.

Collect points using the ESR app and when you have earned enough points for a patch (details 8n the ESR app) simply fill out the submission form with your ESR username and mailing address. No photos required but are greatly appreciated. Please note, ESR is NOT available for the 3 regional tourism challenges.

Regional Tourism Challenges

Manitoba by Motorcycle has partnered with 4 regional tourism boards (Central Manitoba Tourism, Interlake Tourism, Eastman Tourism and Westman Tourism) to focus on the incredible local destinations in each region of Manitoba. Experience the best each region has to offer with a list of places specially curated by the people in that region.

Each Regional Tourism board has created a list of locations to visit. Take a selfie at each location and when all requirements are met submit them to Manitoba by Motorcycle to claim your local tourist patch. These local tourism patches are not available on the ESR app and photos are required.


What locations do I need to visit?
Each challenge has its own list of locations and maps to each location. You can find the list on each challenge page from the menu above.

Are photos required?
If you are not using the ESR app, or you are trying to complete a Regional Tourism Challenge, then yes, photos are required.

What locations do I need to visit?
Each challenge has its own list of specially curated locations to visit. Please review each challenge page for full details on how to complete that challenge.

Do I need visit all location?
All? No. You must visit at least the minimum amount of locations required for each challenge and prove it with either photos or the ESR app.

Is there a time frame?
1 year. All challenge requirements must be met and submitted within the same calendar year.

Do I need to take a selfie with the poster?
Unless you use the free ESR app then yes. Posing at each location with the current year’s poster is the only way to verify the requirements are met.

Can I use my own locations?
No. Each challenge has a specific list of locations for that challenge so you must use that list. if you want to suggest other locations please use the contact form.

How are photos used?
After photos are reviewed they may be used for a variety of promotions online and in print. Used only to promote Manitoba by Motorcycle. Not every photo will be used, it is random which ones get chosen. By submitting photos you are giving express consent for those photos to be used for promotional purposes.

When will I get my patch?
Patches are sent out once a week, usually on a weekend, and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. It may take up to 6 weeks though as supply varies and I need to wait for new batches to arrive.

Is there a cost?
Currently no. Just what it costs you to travel to each destination by motorcycle.

Do I need to earn the patch?
Yes. In order to obtain a patch you must earn it and it will them be sent to you at no cost.