It is difficult for me to believe that it is 2023, never mind the fact that it is mid-April already. It feels like the last 12 months slipped by in just a few mere moments of chaos.

2022 was a fast year but also a difficult year that saw all 3 of us running this program needing to step back and focus on our personal lives more. As such we kind of dropped the ball on promoting the program as much as we could and growing it as much as we would have liked. Simple fact is: Life Happens

No one knows what the future holds but I do know that Spring is here, the sun’s is bright and warm and the roads are dry. I also know that I, like so many of you, am ready to go for a ride. In Winnipeg the roads are either covered in sand or covered in potholes (or both!), but as long as the sun is shining then you can likely spot your clear path to freedom and the open road. If you don’t have sand and pot holes then you only need worry about the drivers who are, sadly, never expecting you to be riding.

Now that we can ride again it is time to get out and experience Manitoba by Motorcycle. Ride out to all the cool art installations (town statues), explore our epic Manitoba parks, and study up on local history with all the municipal monuments. Then go do some deep exploring within each regions backyard to experience just what Manitoba has to offer you. Hint: It’s a lot.

When you are visiting all these great destinations make sure to stop and enjoy them, not just roll on through. Enjoy them and and take a bunch of memorable photos including, of course, a selfie with the Manitoba by Motorcycle poster so you can earn a patch to celebrate your rides. With so many different destinations to visit in Manitoba it is super easy to find new places to ride almost every day in riding season.

“Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow may never arrive. Today is MINE!”

Maniotba by Motorcycle 2023 Poster

Ruler of all I survey. Organic pain collector racing toward oblivion. A family man who loves his work, and then rides off on two wheels at the end of the day, preferably into some kind of prairie sunset. Life is Better on 2 Wheels!

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