Morris Manitoba is a short 50km (roughly miles) south of Winnipeg along Highway 75. Only 40km (26 miles) from the US border it is the main stop between Winnipeg and the US border and sees a lot of traffic.

Morris is perfectly situated in the heart of the Red River Valley, a shallow valley that spreads to the east and west, but only rises a few metres at most. It. Is. All. Flat. Flat is awesome for agricultural use but not for motorcycle use. Prairie sunsets are amazing though, no doubt about that, so it ain’t all bad.

With under 2,000 residents, Morris Manitoba is a pretty big little town, with almost every convenience and comfort of a larger city. Without the major city vibe and urgency. Restaurants, bars, gas, auto repair, gyms, swimming hole, multiplex, and more. 

Morris is home to Manitoba’s only professional rodeo, the Manitoba Stampede, held in July every year (except during COVID). The stampede is a major attraction and people from all over come for the annual event. Featuring an exciting rodeo with bull riding, barrel racing, and everything you dreamed a rodeo could have. Throw in some live music and a midway and you have days of entertainment for everyone.

I’ve ridden into Morris from the north, south west and east. Highway 75 is the main street  in Morris (literally) but not the only way to get there. If you are out for a quick trip down south 75 will get you there but the real beauty of the area lies in the smaller ports of entry. Take those roads through the other small towns and enjoy what riding in the Red River Valley can be like.

Morris Manitoba has no official town statue to catch your eye while riding by. But the giant cowboy is pretty close and pretty cool. Stop and say hi to him then snag a selfie for this stop.

Fun Fact: I use Bugs_in_my_Beard on Instagram after a summer evening ride where I had to stop in Morris to clean the bugs off…everything. They were thick, gooey, chewy and I did not have a windshield. 

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