May Means Tacos & Tuneups – Right?

It also means Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Month and the CMMG kicks off every May with a Safety Rally on the Manitoba Legislative Grounds, the first Saturday of May. This Saturday at 11 there will be a few important speeches followed by a poker rally with prizes to be won. A good way to start exploring  Manitoba is with some poker stops.

May in Manitoba is officially the start of motorcycle riding season and that also makes it motorcycle safety awareness month. Motorcycle riders are all vulnerable road users with loved ones waiting for them and drivers need to be aware that we are all out there sharing these rough roads with them. And as bad as the roads are in a car, they are far worse on 2 wheels. However, just as importantly riders need to be aware of our surroundings, aware of the vehicles around us, aware that not everyone expects us out there and aware that many roads still have loose sand and other hazards on them. 

Keep the shiny side up!

The next best way to start motorcycle season in Manitoba is with some tacos. And tune-ups. Together. Dykes on Bikes and Moto49 are hosting Tacos & Tuneups on Saturday, May 13th from 11 am to 4 pm. 5 solid hours of moto goodness! All proceeds from this fine event will support the Dykes on Bikes Winnipeg Post-Secondary Scholarship Program! ALL RIDERS (and non-riders) WELCOME! 

Check out the event page here and stop by and see us while you’re there.

Try to make memories on each ride

When I started riding a motorcycle I went out almost every evening and weekend. Never had a destination in mind, it was all about the random roads to ride. That lasted 2, maybe 3 seasons, before life “got in the way”, as it so often does. After that, my rides became less frequent and a little less random.

I found myself looking for more out of my limited ride time. If I cannot ride all the time I should try to make memories on each ride. Short rides or long rides, I wanted to try and experience something new or interesting each time. 

Manitoba by Motorcycle is a local tourism initiative designed to promote the best destinations in our backyard. It was created to highlight all the incredible places to visit in Manitoba. creative art installations, expansive parks, historic monuments, and all kinds of local attractions. Enough to easily fill up every Manitobans riding season for sure, be it long rides or, like mine, short rips.

I have not been to every location on Manitoba by Motorcycle…yet. For me, it’s a multi-year experience giving me interesting places to ride to and experience while still maintaining my non-motorcycle duties. Making the most of my limited time by enjoying great local motorcycle tourism.

I hope that everyone who participates in Manitoba by Motorcycle gives it the full experience and stops to enjoy it as much as possible. Though if y’all want to challenge yourselves to see it all in one season, totally cool. As long as you ride safely and enjoy every minute of it.

Featured Local Businesses

We have a lot of bikers eager to explore our great province this coming season. Check out our growing local buisness directory for businesses that are eager to serve you. Message us if you own or know of a business that could benefit from a listing on our site and our newsletter for a small annual cost.

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