Roughly 100 km (65 miles) northwest of Winnipeg, on highway #6, lies the town of Lundar Manitoba. Easily recognized by the giant Canada Goose statue on the side of the highway, next to the Chicken Chef (which is also kind of a landmark in a weird way).

Lundar is a small farming community that is well known for its abundance of wildlife, specifically it’s marshland bird population. Birder’s from all around flock to Lundar to see the variety of bird life. Hunters come to Lundar especially for the world-class goose hunting, in October of every year Lundar hosts the All Canadian Goose Shoot. This means the Canada Goose town statue is a perfect fit for this Manitoba destination.

Every June there is an impressive agricultural fair that is worth a visit if you are in the area. A farmers market (expected for farm communities), an 18 hole golf course, museum and drive-in styles movies. I am not sure if the drive-in movies are a regular event but I sure hope it is as I am a big fan.

Motorcycle riders are unlikely to visit for the October Goose shoot (unless you are super hardcore) but riders will regularly stop in Lundar for gas and a bite to eat at the local Chicken Chef. Make sure to stop for a town statue selfie while you are there.

Lundar Beach Provincial Park

Instead of just passing through Lundar I highly recommend taking a short 20-minute ride west of the town and checking out Lundar Beach Provincial Park. This provincial park is not large by any stretch but it is really nice for a short and relaxing break.

Lundar Beach Provincial Park is on the shore of Lake Manitoba with a decent beach area, playground, picnic and group areas as well as a small campground. The campground has seasonal and nightly spots and is very suitable for motorcycle camping. There are a few campsites along the beach that can make for some exceptionally nice sunsets along the water.

Lundar Beach Provincial Park has a 3 km hiking trail through the marshland with rest stops and lookout points to take in the abundance of marshland wildlife in the area. The hike is super easy, short and very well maintained. A good way to stretch your legs after a long ride. Although, to be honest, when I was there I did not see any birds. Snakes, frogs, and insects but no birds. Weird.

Your quick trip to the town of Lundar and its provincial park will net you a Town statue and a Provincial Park photo to help complete your patch requirements.

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