Lockport Manitoba is roughly 30km North of Winnipeg. For me, it is so close to home it practically is home. A leisurely ride down River Road then back down Henderson Highway is how I start and end every riding season.

Lockport is the location of the St. Andrew’s Lock and Dam, a national historic site and incredibly popular fishing spot. The Northeast side of the Dam is where you will find Lockport provincial Park. A small but incredibly important archeological site.

In the mid-late 1980’s there were archaeological excavations that uncovered evidence of human activity from 3,000 years ago. This provincial park helps provide historical insight into the cultural heritage found along the Red River.

Lockport is home to two of the most famous drive-inns in Manitoba, Skinners (2 locations) and Half Moon, as well as Sylvia’s, Gaffers and more. Need food? Lockport has it at every bend. More importantly, it has ice cream 🙂

When the weather is nice, Lockport is busy. People fishing, picnics along the banks, ice cream on a park bench etc. It is the place to be on any summer evening. 

I start and end every riding season with a trip to Lockport but I ride out here all season long. Pass through on my way North toward Gimli and Winnipeg Beach. Pass through on my way East to Grand beach or the Whiteshell. Got an hour to kill? Ride to Lockport. Craving ice cream after dinner? Ride to Lockport.

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