My lovely wife hanging out in Pine Falls, Manitoba

I’ve read, and likely said, this mantra thousands of times. As great as it is, it is not always true. The Canadian prairies have killer sunsets to offset the long stretches of straight roads banked by open fields. If that is what you love, then we got you covered!

If not, and you are riding in Manitoba, then you likely already know we are more about the destination here. There may not be much to see out on the open road but Manitoba more than makes up for it with the great towns, unique attractions, beautiful parkland and is rich with local history spots. Manitoba has a lot more than 2 city’s and grand beach to check out.

I created Manitoba by Motorcycle because I love local tourism (exploring your own back yard is cool!) and Life is Better on 2 Wheels! Travel Manitoba does a lot to promote Manitoba and all it has to offer but they do not touch motorcycle tourism, so I decided to tackle that myself as a new hobby.

I have been running this site and promoting it with a very soft approach to marketing and growing it organically. Very passive, as a hobby not a business. Each year I keep adding to what I am doing to grow it more and 2020 is no exception.

Next evolutionary step for Manitoba by Motorcycle is to start writing articles on a regular basis, possibly weekly. Mostly focused on the various locations to visit in Manitoba but also highlighting various routes, local motorcycle events and discussing various website/program changes.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on what you see or want to see, leave a message below.

Ruler of all I survey. Organic pain collector racing toward oblivion. A family man who loves his work, and then rides off on two wheels at the end of the day, preferably into some kind of prairie sunset. Life is Better on 2 Wheels!


  1. Karen Gahan

    I’d love to see articles on backroads routes to Gimli, Morden, Ninette, Brandon, Hecla. I’ve been taking backroads routes for all the years I’ve been riding, but I’m sure there are lots I don’t know about.

    • Two lane black top is the best, I’ll make sure to try and post as many as I can.

  2. Fred Meads

    There’s plenty of asphalt to explore in Manitoba and, if your willing, lots of gravel and dirt roads too. The Yellowhead from Portage to Russel or hwy 6 and hoping off at 68 to run through the Narrows and on to Dauphin and the Riding Mountain NP.
    Or if you like being in the middle of nowhere ride up to Gillam but bring extra gas and take it real easy on the gravel from Thompson to Gillam. I’ve done Lac du Bonnet to Gillam twice and that crushed granite in the last 150 kms can leave your tires sliced if you ride too fast.
    Have a great time riding and take your time to enjoy the Manitoba scenery.

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