The first ride after a long break is always a great one. Short or long, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the ride. A chance to get out in the wind,  enjoy your surroundings and clear your head. When you’re done the only questions left in your head are when can I go again and where to go next.

I cannot help with the “when” but I can certainly try and help with the “where”. Manitoba by Motorcycle is all about getting out on your motorcycle and experiencing all that Manitoba has to offer and this year has even more to explore.

Hyper-local Motorcycle Tourism

Central Manitoba Tourism, Interlake Tourism, and Eastman Tourism have all partnered with Manitoba by Motorcycle to really highlight the wonderful communities in each region of Manitoba. A motorcycle tourism initiative designed to get riders out to experience everything they have to offer and be rewarded with a regional patch.

Each region has more than twenty (20) different spots to visit, from scenic spots to restaurants to museums and parks. A little something for everyone can be found in each area. Enough to spend a few days exploring all the great spots.

I highly recommend following each on social media as they post a lot of really great content. And don’t forget to tag them and #MBbyMC when sharing your photos on social media. Click the images below to learn more about each challenge.

Central MB by Motorcycle


Manitoba by Motorcycle had a great partnership with EatSleepRIDE in 2020 and we are teaming up again this year to offer an all-digital component to Manitoba by Motorcycle riding challenges. ESR has a great, free, intuitive mobile app available for iOS and Android that makes it super easy to experience Manitoba by Motorcycle and complete each challenge.

Install the free app on your mobile device, connect with friends on the app (new and old), join the Manitoba by Motorcycle challenge then get on your bike and ride. Keep the app running while you ride and the ESR app will automatically award you points for every location you visit. It’s just that simple. Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you are ranking in the challenge and see if you can earn the top spot.

When you have earned enough points for a patch (see the points system in the ESR app), submit the form on Manitoba by Motorcycle, letting me know your ESR username and I will mail out your patch to celebrate your victory. Photos are always welcome but not required when using the ERS app.

Eat Sleep Ride - motorcycle GPS

Cannonball Rides

The Cannonball Rides are a fun way to test your motorcycle riding limits with 1,000, 500, and 250 mile rides around the province. I’ve participated in these rides a few times and look forward to doing it again this year.

This year I had the opportunity to review the routes in advance, offer some feedback and contribute a 500-mile route of my own. Creating the route was easy, the hard part was keeping it to 500 miles while still seeing all the places I want to see on the ride. Started at 950km and shaved a few km here and there to get it down to a nice 807km (500 miles).

Register online at, pick your route then get out for a great day of riding.

Decals and Patches for Sale

A couple of very popular questions over the last few years is if there are any decals offered and if the patches can be purchased. Now the answer to both is yes. There is a Manitoba by Motorcycle decal for sale and you can buy each of the 3 main Manitoba by Motorcycle patch if you prefer to do so.

You can still earn your patch for free by completing each motorcycle challenge, but if for whatever reason you prefer to buy the patch, you can. Or if you complete a challenge and want a decal instead of a patch, just let me know in the comment when submitting the form and I will make it happen.

New Statues

Last, but not least, I have added three “new” statues to the list. Not official town statues but very cool statues to check out. One in the South, one in the East, and one in the West. Visit the Manitoba by Motorcycle Town Statues Challenge page to find out which ones and go visit them.

Get out and experience Manitoba by Motorcycle and enjoy the ride!

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