2020 has been an unusual year so far, however, one thing that has remained consistent is the love for riding motorcycles. Riding is an excellent way to relieve stress, focus on just your surroundings, and a perfect way to get out and explore.

Manitoba by Motorcycle has been promoting motorcycle tourism since 2016 with a special focus on local tourism. With the recent travel restrictions being lightly loosened Travel Manitoba has had a rapid and dramatic shift in their focus and is now also pushing hard for local tourism. This is a win for every community in Manitoba.

With this major push for local tourism, it brings up three excellent questions about Manitoba. Where do we Eat? Where do we Sleep? And, perhaps the most important one, Where do we Ride?

EatSleepRide has all the bases covered for Manitoba riders. Manitoba by Motorcycle has destinations to visit all over the province and ESR makes it very easy to find all the sweet spots. Load up the app, join the game, choose your destination, and check the map in the app. It does not get any easier than that. Get your free download of the ESR app from Google Play or the App Store.


Manitoba by Motorcycle destinations are pre-loaded into the ESR app and each location has a photo, a map, and a description of the location. So you can easily choose if it is a destination you want to visit and discover exactly how to get there.

When you explore Manitoba by Motorcycle using the ESR app you automatically collect points for each destination you visit to earn your patch. This is a great new way to play and compete with other riders, checking out your stats on the leaderboard and riding to compete with other top riders. The more you ride the more points you get and riding your way to earning all 3 patches.

• Provincial Parks get you with 1000 points each (12 x 1000 = 12,000 for a patch)
• Monuments get you with 800 points each (15 x 800 = 12,000 for a patch)
• Town Statue and Diners get you 600 points each (20 x 600 = 12,000 for a patch)

Always take plenty of photos along your ride and share them on your various social media channels. Sharing your ride photos is a great way to keep those memories but it also makes everyone else jealous of all the great places you got out to explore.

Help grow local motorcycle tourism in Manitoba by following and tagging Manitoba by Motorcycle (MBbyMC) and use hashtags like #ExploreMB #ManitobaMotorcycles and #Manitoba. This will help to grow Manitoba by Motorcycle but more importantly, it will help build awareness about Manitoba motorcycle tourism as a whole.

Don’t stop there though, I highly recommend you like and follow EatSleepRide (Tag them on your adventure too) @eatsleepride.app (Instagram), @eatsleepride (Twitter), and @esr.cc (Facebook). Don’t forget to follow and tag these other great local Manitoba Motorcycle people to help build the local online community.

Moto49 Winnipeg @moto49wpg – www.facebook.com/moto49wpg/
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Manitoba Motorcycles @manitoba_motorcycles – www.facebook.com/ManitobaMotorcycles
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Travel Manitoba@TravelManitoba – www.facebook.com/TravelManitoba

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  1. Kudos to Manitoba by Motorcycle and the team for putting together the ESP APP! We love seeing motorcycles travelling throughout the Eastern Region. Please tag us #EasternMB so our social media team sees your great shots of the region. We would be happy to share.
    Happy riding!

    • Thanks Jenny. I did not realize there was an #EasternMB tag, I could have used it a few times now. I’ll definetly be using it in the future.

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