Swinging in Souris Manitoba

My first trip to Souris Manitoba was a bit of a memorable one. It was the first time the wife and I went on an actual ride together for more than an hour and it was…pretty weird. I cannot remember what month it was but it was a warm, extremely bright, and sunny morning when we left home in Winnipeg, then 30 minutes later it started raining. Then it started snowing. When we rode home I had to stuff a couple of ice-cold bottles of water in my jacket to cool off from the heat. Weird, right?

2022 Manitoba by Motorcycle Poster

Manitoba Motorcycle Challenges

Manitoba by Motorcycle is a tourism initiative designed to promote local motorcycle tourism. Created to highlight all the incredible places to visit in Manitoba. creative art installations, expansive parks, historic monuments, and all kinds of local attractions. There are multiple local tourism challenges to complete, each with its own requirements and reward.

Westman Manitoba by Motorcycle

Westman Manitoba by Motorcycle

Southwestern Manitoba remains today, as it has been for thousands of years, an inviting and abundant land, full of promise and prosperity. It was the promise of the land which drew the Native inhabitants hunting bison, the first explorers like La Verendrye, and later the fur traders and coureurs de bois. Come and explore, and you will be drawn in too.