Manitoba’s Interlake region is my home away from home. Born and raised in Winnipeg with family in the Interlake that we visited often enough to give the travel to and from a comforting sense of home. As a kid, I rarely paid attention to most of the sites as they passed me by, but as an adult rolling down the roads, there are often memories I did not know I had popping up.

I get to remember but I also get to discover. The childhood drives were almost never ones of exploration, only a race to a destination. Now I visit Manitoba’s Interlake not with one destination but with many. Sometimes no destination, just a random ride on a random road. Sometimes it is a beauty to behold while others are white knuckle rides on the roughest of the rough rural roads. I always return home in one piece and at peace.

Manitoba’s Interlake has a lot to offer and a lot to see and Interlake Tourism has curated a special Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle route that covers the top 20 destinations. The Interlake loop has it all: Vikings, snakes, marshes, even a quarry park!

Visit the statues, the provincial parks, the amazing beaches and enjoy some of the finest food found in Manitoba. Dip your toes in Lake Manitoba then ride on over and dip your toes in Lake Winnipeg. Visit the lighthouse in Hecla and cast a line by the dam in Lockport. Learn more about nature at the infamous Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre.

As they say “Discover how your heart beats in the Interlake”. Go for a ride and find out.

Ride Planning

Interlake Tourism did not just select the best places to visit. They mapped it all out for you using the free DriftScape app. Don’t know where to go? Load up DriftScape and let it guide you. Use it to plan your ride or to seek out new destinations.

You can easily find yourself coming back often to do, and redo, it all over the course of one riding season. You can even do a lot of it in one day if you want to try and see it all in a short period of time.

Cannonball Rides

The Cannonball Rides offers a 250 mile Northern Route that covers a large portion of the Interlake region. You have 6.5 hours to ride 250 miles (under 400km) along a pre-mapped route. Take a few selfies at selected locations, enjoy the sites, grab some food and gas along the way. When you get home send your photos and gas receipts to Cannonball Rides to be entered to win a prize and earn a patch to highlight your accomplishment.

Ride Tracking

The Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle destinations is not part of the EatSleepRide app as they need to be done and pictured separately. But there is enough of a crossover that it is very beneficial for riders to load up the ESR app and use it to track their route. Lots of points to be earned throughout the Interlake region. A great way to climb the Manitoba by Motorcycle challenge leaderboard on the free EatSleepRide app.

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