The Whiteshell is a large provincial park on the eastern edge of Manitoba with a large variety of lakes, campgrounds, and towns to enjoy. Cottage country is the best way to describe it. The park has several entrance/exit points and is roughly 100km (62 miles) east of  Winnipeg, depending on your route and entrance.

Everywhere you look in the Whiteshell you will find a spot to camp, a lake to fish, a trail to hike or a cottage area to enjoy. Which makes this provincial park a wildly popular place from snowmelt to snowfall and everything in between.

The Whiteshell is a popular place to ride a motorcycle too, with lots of relatively curvy roads that make it a rarity in Manitoba. These curves, along with the beautiful scenery, draws in many Manitoba motorcycle riders looking for some fun riding. The roads, curvy as they may be, are not the greatest though. Can’t win them all. The outside track has frequent surface breaks and, like all cottage country, the roads are pretty busy pretty often, so expect a fair amount of 0traffic during peak times.

There are a few different ways to get into the Whiteshell but I always choose to enter from the North end via Highway 307 and Seven Sisters Falls. Stick to 307 through the park, passing Otter Falls, Nutamik and Betula Lake. When you get to Highway 44 go east and ride into West Hawk Lake.

A ride through the Whiteshell should never end without a stop for some food at one of the various restaurants. Stopping in West Hawk Lake for lunch at Nite Hawk Cafe should be considered mandatory in my opinion but there are other great options to choose from. Grab some good food and a chance to gas up if needed before you roll out, headed for Falcon Lake.

You can take Highway 1 to get to Falcon Lake but 301 is a lot more enjoyable to ride.

There are numerous great places to visit within the Whiteshell, and not all are easily accessible by all types of motorcycles. Ride what you are comfortable only with and be sure to take a lot of pictures wherever you stop.

If you want to experience the best ride through the Whiteshell, go in early Fall when everything starts to change colour. Excellent scenery.

The Whiteshell is a provincial park in Manitoba which requires a Provincial Park Permit to enter. Plan ahead and purchase in advance online. Get the annual pass so you can visit all our provincial parks at any time.

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  1. Mudd Puddle

    Just got our other 2 badges delivered tonite thx Myles. We are going to continue touring this magnificent province Manitoba collecting more pictures and stories from the locals. We have found places that we my never have found without MbM and of course Covid19. A few more monuments that aren’t 20 km of gravel would be greatly appreciated. We’ll keep them pix coming and maybe add some interesting new ones as well.
    Ride safe all
    Mudd Puddle & Jan Cox

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