Brandon Manitoba – The Wheat City

Brandon Manitoba is Manitoba’s second-largest city. Home of a super sweet purple ’67 ‘Cuda, Crows General Store, the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum and, of course, so much more.

Brandon is roughly 2 hours west of Winnipeg, 1 hour north of the US Border and roughly an hour 20 east of Saskatchewan. A stone’s throw, with a great arm, from Riding Mountain National Park. Brandon, AKA The Wheat City, has a vibrant population north of 50,000 great people, the Keystone Center and Manitoba Ag Days (a HUGE annual event).

For me, Brandon has always been a stopping point along a route. Going west? Stop in Brandon for lunch. Going south after a ride through Riding Mountain? Brandon for dinner. Passing through after visiting the Peace Gardens down south? Brandon for a bite. Clearly, I must like food. No comments from the peanut gallery, please. Unless you brought actual peanuts. Being a major city Brandon has all the expected food choices but also has excellent options like The Dock on Princess, which is a personal favourite of mine.

It really should not be just a stopping point though. The Wheat City is absolutely destination worthy and should be explored. Multiple times. There are several different Manitoba by Motorcycle stops to be explored in Brandon and many more in the surrounding area.

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum at the Brandon Municipal Airport is a stop for the Westman patch AND a stop for the Monument patch (twofer, if you will). This museum was created to help preserve the memory of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and to honour the men and women who so generously gave to the World War II effort. There is a small admission fee to enter the museum but this Manitoba Star Attraction is worth the entry fee and the time spent exploring. 

The Daly House museum was built in 1882 and was the home of Brandon’s first mayor.  Inside you will find antiques from the 1880s to the 1920s and a rotating exhibit space to ensure there is always something new to see. A peek into the distant past.

Crow’s General Store is, possibly, the most unique place you could discover in Brandon Manitoba. 95% of motorcycle riders have a requirement to stop for ice cream during any rider more than 3 hours. I read that fact on the Internet so it must be true. And since we need ice cream, this is THE place to get it in Brandon. Plus, it’s a cool place to park.

Once you’ve brushed up on your history and cooled off a bit you will want to head over to the Riverbank Discovery Centre for a visit and a selfie, the aforementioned ’67 ‘Cuda, as well as the two selfie stops for the Women’s Patch (Emily Hilda Blake and Flora Cowan) to round out your day of worthwhile riding in the city Brandon. 

I don’t get out to Brandon anywhere near as much as I should and not even close to as much as I would like. But when I do get there, I always have a good time exploring, seeing new places, familiar places and familiar faces.

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  1. Tracey Wagner


    Brandon is roughly 2 hours west of Winnipeg, 1 hour north of the US Border and roughly an hour 20 east of Saskatoon.

    Brandon is NOT an hour 20 east of Saskatoon.

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