Manitoba by Motorcycle is a local motorcycle tourism program, launched in 2016 and is run by Myles O’Reilly as a way to promote motorcycle tourism in Manitoba. I’ve been on two wheels my entire life but I bought my first motorcycle just over a decade ago and promptly started riding random roads all over the province. I love to find new places and often do random u-turns because something caught my eye and I just had to go check it out. Small town diners are THE BEST. I’ve traveled elsewhere but Manitoba is home and I truly enjoy being a local tourist and my motto has always been Life is Better on 2 Wheels (you can see it hand-painted on the side cover above).

There is currently no cost to anyone to obtain a patch beyond the gas they use to get to each location. Patches are purchased and mailed out at no cost to any individual who completes the rides as required and I will mail the patches out to anyone anywhere. Occasionally I will deliver them in person too!

The administration, promotion, hosting and patch costs are all covered by me, just because I love doing this. Google AdSense is running on the site and provides a very small amount of advertising revenue each year to cover a small portion of the program costs and I sell whatever excess motorcycle parts I have (like anyone has “excess” motorcycle parts). For those that have asked, donations are always welcome but never solicited and can be done via Paypal, eTransfer, by mail or in person (shoot me a message). Anything and everything is always greatly appreciated!

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