At the heart of it Manitoba by Motorcycle is Manitoba motorcycle tourism with a twist. Kind of like a free poker run with a LOT of stops and a very long time to hit the stops (whole season). A fun game to play to get you out on your bike and riding all over the province of Manitoba and exploring. Whether you live here or are visiting it is a fun way to spend some time behind bars.

Get your free download of the ESR app from Google Play or the App Store.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, create an account and tap the games tab by selecting the flame icon at the bottom of the screen and scroll to join the game.

When you play Manitoba by Motorcycle, everything happens automatically whether your mobile device is in your hand, in your pocket or on your handlebars. You can also use the ESR app to create a profile, add your motorcycle(s), create routes, find new routes, meet new people, form and join group rides and a lot more.

Each location loaded into ESR has GPS coordinates, a description of the location and a photo. Locations are sorted into 4 divisions (North, Central, East and West) and have parks, statues and monuments within each section. Even added in a few diners along in case you want to stop for a bite along the way. In total there are more than 130 Manitoba locations stops listed in the app.


The excellent team at ESR are working hard at getting everything loaded, tested and ready for launch so you cannot play just yet. Manitoba by Motorcycle will be available June 1st in the ESR app. You’ll be able to explore the locations, add them to the ESR map and follow the beacon to each location. Stop when you arrive and check your ESR app to get your points automatically. Hit up to check them out (if you are not already familiar) then load the app on your mobile device to prepare for the new game.

How to Play the ESR version of Manitoba By Motorcycle 

When release in June 2020, the ESR version of Manitoba by Motorcycle will have about 90% of the locations pre-loaded in the app. When you arrive at one of the locations, you’ll enter a virtual geo-fence and receive points automatically. ESR will also update your progress in the game! You’ll see the leaders and see your place on the leaderboard.
Points will work like this:

  • Provincial Parks get you with 1000 points each
    (12 x 1000 = 12,000 for a patch)
  • Monuments get you with 800 points each
    (15 x 800 = 12,000 for a patch)
  • Town Statue and Diners get you 600 points each
    (20 x 600 = 12,000 for a patch)

Once you reach a Park, Monument, Town Statue or Diner upload your photo by using the ESR app. You can do that by following these quick steps: 1. Tap the ESR logo on the bottom navigation 2. Select the Pencil icon3. Select ‘Create a Story’ and follow the prompts to upload your photo with a few words.Because we can use GPS to play the game, the photo is not required but it’s super exciting to see the photos come in, so please do upload them! We’ll also feature stories in ESR’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

To play, you’ll need to allow 3 permissions in the ESR app when you sign up including:

  • Allow Location
  • Allow Physical Fitness
  • Allow Notifications

The ESR version of Manitoba by Motorcycle will be launching in June 2020. Of course you are not required to use the app, you can keep riding and participating the same way it has always been run. This is just an added way to play for those looking for something new.

When you are out riding and taking your photos at each location I encourage you all to share your cool tourism photos across social media. Tag Manitoba by Motorcyle and use hashtags like #ExploreMB #ManitobaMotorcycle and #MotorcycleTourism Doing so will help to grow Manitoba by Motorcycle and awareness about Manitoba motorcyle tourism as a whole.

PS: I have said next to nothing about COVID-19 to this point as it is pretty well covered everywhere you look but need to post one quick note about it. Ride at your own risk and follow all guidelines put out to keep you, and everyone else, safe.

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  1. Chris

    I want to do this but this app is so fucking invasive. Why do you need to know where I am at all times?

    • The app uses your position to assign points to earn the patch. No one is required to use the app, can still print the sheet and play the standard way. This is just another option.

  2. Mike B

    Does the ESR app chew thru my cell data or does it collect and then download the data when I tell i to?

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