I don’t know what it is exactly but the wife and I are often drawn to old bones on display. We’ve gone to natural history museums in Manitoba, Alberta, North Dakota (alien skull for the win!), Nevada and probably others I’ve already forgotten.

Manitoba is not exactly a hotbed of sweet ancient dino action but we do have our fair share in the valley areas. Certainly enough to promote it with a giant Mossasaur statue on a town sign. At least the city of Morden thinks so, and I agree.

Morden is a southern Manitoba city in the Pembina Valley whose biggest claim to fame is arguably the annual Corn & Apple Festival which draws huge crowds of people. A great weekend long event that draws people from all around with good local food, drink, fair rides, live music and a good show & shine (motocycles are always part of the show). The festival is a major event but they do very well at keeping it organized so even if you are just passing through the traffic will flow smooth.

The festival is only one weekend of the year but that is not the only time to visit Morden. Bruce, the infamous mossasaur, is on display not only at the town entrance but on display in all his glory at the local museum along with a lot of other great finds from around the valley area. For a reasonable entrance fee it is well worth the visit and does not take too much time from your ride. Baseball hall of fame is in the same building and pretty cool if you enjoy baseball or history.

Bruce is not alone though, there is a giant turtle statue on the other end of town. This massive turtle is a cool stop for a photo op and has a bench to take a ride break. If you, like me, often ride with kids these statues are a huge hit. Also a huge hit with adults that are young at heart and like to take fun photos.

A stones throw away from the giant turtle is Gaslight Harley-Davidson, a Manitoba icon. An old style motorcycle dealer whose building is one-of-a-kind and worth the stop. Even if you don’t go in at least stop out front to enjoy it. Vintage gas station setup, old gas pumps, cool signs and, of course, motorcycles.

Lots to see and do in Morden and worth a stop on your southern Manitoba motorcycle journey. One of many stops I am sure.

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