Yep, Manitoba has a camel. Because why not.

Glenboro is a small southern Manitoba town with a very unusual celebrity named Sara. Towering roughly 20 feet above all, standing watch just off the side of Highway #2 is Sara the Camel. You cannot miss her as you pass by down the highway and kids (big and small) love to visit her.

Glenboro is on Highway #2, the historic Red Coat Trail, and is roughly 80km (50 miles) southeast of Brandon Manitoba and about 120km (75 miles) northeast of the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park/US border. Glenboro boasts a population of just over 650 people and this small town has just about everything you would expect to find in small-town Manitoba. There is a bakery, cafe, gas station and even a theatre.

During the summer months, the residents of Glenboro host a farmers market on Saturdays, and everyone loves small-town farmers’ markets (I know I do). This particular market, however, has very limited seasonal hours on Saturday mornings so if you are planning to visit the market make sure you plan ahead and see if they are open first. I would not ride out to Glenboro just for the farmers’ market but if your timing is right it is worth a visit for some farm fresh veg.

A camel though? 

Why a giant camel statue? A camel seems like an odd choice for a town statue in southern Manitoba but it makes really does make perfect sense when you dig into it. Glenboro is a very short ride away from Spirit Sands in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Spirit Sands is Manitoba’s very own desert. Sand dunes and all. Nothing represents a desert better than a camel, right? So in comes Sara the Camel to represent the area.

Sara the Camel is, in my opinion, exactly what you want in a roadside attraction/town statue. Easy to find, weird enough to grab your attention, and makes perfect sense when you learn about it. Good work Glenboro.

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