Manitoba Motorcycle Tourism

Manitoba is an amazing province to explore, but there is just something special about touring on a motorcycle.

Manitoba by Motorcycle Parks Patch
Manitoba by Motorcycle Town Staue Patch

Manitoba by Motorcycle Monuments Patch

Manitoba is an amazing province to explore, but there is just something special about touring on a motorcycle. Travel some of Manitoba’s scenic provincial parks, unique towns and historic monuments by motorcycle and you can earn a new patch for your vest. Manitoba has 88 provincial parks covering everything from boreal forest, perfect parklands to white sandy beaches and crystal streams. We got it all. But not all are accessible by motorcycle. There are over 50 different, and totally cool, town statues to check out as well.

The Manitoba by Motorcycle program was launched as a way to promote Manitoba motorcycle tourism to get more motorcycle riders out to explore this great province. Riders from all over are invited to come and explore the best that Manitoba has to offer motorcyclists. Riders visiting 12 of Manitoba’s provincial parks, posing with 20 town statues, or 15 Manitoba monuments within ONE riding season will receive a patch indicating they rode Manitoba by Motorcycle. Think of it as a year long poker run. When you have your photos fill out the form. Patch will be sent out in 4-6 weeks (usually less).

You must verify your accomplishment by printing out the current sheet and have a photo taken of you holding it up in front of you (and your bike when possible) at the park entrance (or visible, known landmark), town statue or monument. Please respect the area, property and be safe. Leave no trace of your visit except a cool photo and a great memory.


I had started doing this last year just for fun, and was happily surprised to see this as a program! Great fun, and a great excuse for a ride or two.

My husband and I really enjoyed touring all over Manitoba searching for the various statues, it was like a treasure hunt. We learned so much about the various town’s history as we got off the motorcycle and read the plaques.

Great idea to justify a fun sightseeing ride. There are far more monuments than I was aware of.

What a great way to see the Province.

Manitoba Motorcycle Tourism Photos

A few of the amazing places to be seen in Manitoba, when traveling by motorcycle. See even more here.