Experience Manitoba Motorcycle Tourism today! Manitoba is an amazing province to explore, but there is just something special about touring on a motorcycle. Life is Better on 2 Wheels! Travel some of Manitoba’s scenic provincial parks, unique towns, and historic monuments by motorcycle and you can earn a new patch to celebrate your achievement. Manitoba has 90 provincial parks covering everything from boreal forest, perfect parklands to white sandy beaches and crystal streams. We got it all. There are over 50 different, and totally cool, town statues to check out plus over 40 Municipal Monuments for the history buffs among us.

The Manitoba by Motorcycle program was launched as a way to promote Manitoba motorcycle tourism to get more motorcycle riders out to explore this great province. Riders from all over are invited to come and explore the best that Manitoba has to offer motorcyclists. With six (6) different challenges and nearly 200 locations to visit from all over Manitoba, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Riders who complete each challenge within ONE riding season will receive a patch indicating they rode Manitoba by Motorcycle. Think of it as a year-long poker run. When you have your photos fill out the form. The patch(es) will be mailed out in 4-6 weeks (often less).

  • MB by MC 2021 Poster
  • Manitoba by Motorcycle Parks Patch
  • Manitoba by Motorcycle Town Staue Patch
  • Manitoba by Motorcycle Monuments Patch
  • Central MB by Motorcycle
  • Eastman by Motorcycle
  • Interlake by Motorcycle

You must verify your accomplishment by printing out the current poster and take a selfie of you holding it up at each location. Respect the area, the property, and only ride within your comfort level. Leave no trace of your visit except a cool photo

Manitoba by Motorcycle News

  • Long Walk on a Short Pier
    I’ve seen Dunnottar on the map and on various cottage listings but I had never been there. That changed quickly when I started following Interlake Tourism’s social media feeds and caught a glimpse of the Dunnottar Pier. The spectacular photos painted a very enticing picture and I just had to see it in person. The…
  • The Multiple Municipal Monuments of Winnipeg
    Manitoba has nearly 2,400 monuments in all areas of the province but only 42 of them carry the municipal monument designation. This means these 42 are legally designated historic sites with important significance to their community. An exclusive honour reserved for the most important historic sites.
  • Hit the Road with Manitoba by Motorcycle
    The first ride after a long break is always a great one. Short or long, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the ride. A chance to get out in the wind, enjoy your surroundings and clear your head.

Program Costs

There is currently no cost to anyone to obtain a patch beyond the gas they use to get to each location. Patches are purchased and mailed out at no cost to any individual who completes the rides as required and I will mail the patches out to anyone anywhere. Occasionally I will deliver them in person too!


Great riding discovering the places in Manitoba that l never knew existed!


This is a great way to spend weekends. Whoever thought of this my hats off to them. There is so much to see in our own province.


I had started doing this last year just for fun, and was happily surprised to see this as a program! Great fun, and a great excuse for a ride or two.

My husband and I really enjoyed touring all over Manitoba searching for the various statues, it was like a treasure hunt. We learned so much about the various town’s history as we got off the motorcycle and read the plaques.

I enjoyed riding out to all the many sites and towns to take the photos and enjoy the scenery. My summers have usually consisted of taking a 3 weeks bike trip out of province. This was perfect for this summer considering the circumstances, safety and health for everyone.


What a great way to see parts of Manitoba that I would never had explored. During these times of travel restriction, it was a great way to see more of our own province.


Great idea to justify a fun sightseeing ride. There are far more monuments than I was aware of.

What a great way to see the Province.

Manitoba Motorcycle Tourism Photos

A few of the amazing places to be seen in Manitoba, when travelling by motorcycle. See even more here.